tuulita, princesse de strasbourgia

i miss you so much
and i dont know what pics is better after photoshopping!!!!
and i'll start to lost my superenglish!!!
and i want to know news words
and im boring
and im going to h&m but without you its not the same
and i cant wear my newsupercoat
and when i paint my nails, its not the same

where is now our castle in strasbourgia?
strasbourgia doesnt work without us.
i dont like news erasmus!!!

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Anónimo dijo...

I miss you plus rohkem more más +
I don't think you are loosing your superenglish...news words and news erasmus is quite a superenglish :D
and i have a super hispaania-estonio-espanol-eesti diccionario pour toi!

(there are 2 palomas eating wok thai behind my window...)
Anónimo T

Anónimo dijo...

Don't loose your superspanfrenchglish. It might be funny to see how they can fit together in one sentence.